All about No Deposit Bonus

  • Jan 21, 2021

If you are a new player in the online gambling circuit, don't be surprised at getting flooded by No Bonus Deposit offers from sundry casinos. Several online casinos such as onlinecasino-newzealand routinely lure new customers with these offers. Is there any fine print to No Deposit Bonuses? Read this article to understand what this bonus means to you, it will help you in your gambling journey.


What is a No Deposit Bonus?

This bonus is not tied to any initial deposit. A No Deposit Bonus is actually some free virtual money offered by an online casino to players. This bonus can be offered to new as well as existing players and is a part of one of the many marketing tactics of online casinos. Please note this bonus is not real money but virtual in nature.

  1. You cannot withdraw this bonus
  2. Typically, this bonus is very small in size

Normally, when you open an account with a casino, you are required to make an initial deposit. In a No Deposit Bonus, this condition is waived off. To avail of this bonus, you might have to fulfill some conditions that we shall take about later. Some casinos also offer free spins with your No Deposit Bonus. The number of free spins varies from one casino to another.

Example of a No Deposit Bonus

Suppose you get $5 as a No Deposit Bonus. Now, read the terms and conditions of the casino governing the bonus. Can you see a wagering requirement. Let us say the playthrough requirement is 10x. This means you can use this casino only if you bet 10x5 = $50 dollars or more on some specified games of the casino. Anything under this amount is not acceptable.

Look up at the conditions again. Can you see the games on which this No Deposit Bonus is applicable? Online casinos allow this bonus on a very limited number of games. Those could be online slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, etc. Casino don't choose those games randomly. There is a thought behind it and it is linked to profitability. Understand that online casinos are here for making money.

Window period of No Deposit Bonuses

You can avail of your bonus within a particular time frame. Sometimes that window period can be one day, a week, a fortnight or a month. This requirement is written in the terms and conditions of your online casino. If you don't use this bonus within the stipulated time, you lose it. Once lost, this bonus won't be reverted to you by the casino.

How do you know you have received a No Deposit Bonus? Keep a lookout on your mailbox. If you have linked your mail ID to the casino, you shall receive the bonus information provided you are eligible for that. No Deposit Bonuses are offered in the form of codes. You need to input your bonus code in the casino page to get your bonus.

High versus Low Wagering Requirements

Of course, low wagering requirements are great fro players who are low on budget. You can get back your money after wagering small amounts of money on the chosen games, assuming you post a win. But high wagering requirements let you stake your money on more attractive games i.e. games which have high payouts. Casual players prefer low wagering requirements No Deposit Bonuses.

  • You can use your playthrough amount to wager n different games simultaneously.
  • Different games contribute different amounts towards your winnings

If you have received a few free spins with your No Deposit Bonus, look out for the cash out requirements. Let's say, using your free spins you earned 100$. Can you get back all this money automatically? Not necessarily. Your casino might put a limit at $50. This means you forfeit $50 after cashing out the maximum allowed amount. Look at the terms and conditions for greater clarity.

Other requirements of these bonuses

Some online casinos specify the payment channels on which this bonus applies to. This is another way to promote a particular payment gateway. For example, your casino would say that this No Deposit Bonus is applicable to players who have Skrill and Neteller accounts. Therefore, it pays to have accounts in these online wallets. Check your terms and conditions. to understand more.

Use your No Deposit Bonus to unlock many features of your game. It could be getting a free bonus game or some more free spins. If you get this bonus on a sport book, you can bet that money on one or more sporting tournaments. Online casinos normally offer these bonuses on slots and those games which have high Return to Player percentages

What is No Deposit Bonus?