All that you need to know about online roulette

  • Jan 21, 2021

Roulette is also called King of the Casino for its sheer popularity among the gambler community. If you have a valid player account on southafrica-online-casino , you can play this amazing game by following our guide here.

What is online roulette?

It is a table game and comprises a revolving wheel and a chart laid out next to the wheel. The latter is divided into 36 slots plus one slot for 0. In American roulette, there is an additional slot containing 00.

Laying the bets

When the croupier drops a white ball on the wheel, it can fall on any slot between 0 and 36. Players lay bets on the slot the ball will fall and rest. To do this, they lay chips on the chart.

How is the chart laid out?

The chart is divided into different sections; a) First 12 rows b) Second 12 rows c) Third 12 rows d) 1-18 e) 19-36 f) Red g) Black h) Odd i) Even. There are two kinds of bets- Inside and Outside.

Bets on roulette

Inside bets are laid on specific numbers like 1.3, 5, 8, 10, etc. Generally, these bets have lower odds but have a high payout. There are different kinds of Inside bets; Straight Bets pay 35;1 and are laid on single numbers.

Other Inside Bets are Split Bets, Street Bets, etc. Outside bets are laid on the outside parts of the bet map. Outside bets are laid on Odd/ Even, Red/ Black/ High Low etc. These bets have high odds but low payouts.


How to understand your odds?

Every casino has a house edge. The advantage of the house lies on 0 in European Roulette and 00 in American version. In American roulette, the house edge is 5.6% ( because of 00). In its European version, it is 2.7%.

Next steps in roulette

Each online player has to find an online table. Every table will tell you the minimum and maximum inside and outside bets, e.g. Inside $5 maximum, $3 minimum. Outside $1000 maximum, $500 minimum. Inside bets are lower because of lower odds.

Odds remain the same

Each table will also have a board that will tell you the numbers on which the ball has fallen in the previous game. Note that the odds on eac number remain the same; the ball and the wheel are the same.

Is online roulette fair?

Every online roulette is fair. Here, the ball is released not by a dealer but a Random Number Generator. It is a computer program that generates random numbers and their sequences. There is now ay you can influence the results.

Tips to ace your online roulette

Find a credible online casino. Read online reviews of several websites and find out about their payment history, trust and fairness. Next, understand your odds and pick one. However, be flexible enough and change your strategies as required.

More tips on winning

Play a few free games before playing for real money. Start by laying small bets and after you have mastered tour strategy, go to bigger bets. Don't fall for the gambler's fallacy. Every game of roulette is based on luck.

Every casino has an edge

Online casinos are there to make money so they have an advantage in all those games. That said, yu can still win a decent amount of money provided you understand the game, its odds and have the right skill.

What is online roulette?